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Is Anglo Saxon Culture A Problem For Banking?

For some time now I have been asking myself why the world’s leading bankers have still been unable to talk directly to the masses in order to apologise for their role in creating a financial crisis in which so many people suffered and commit to doing their best in order to avoid the same thing happening again. Continue reading

The Commitment That Banks Must Make For A Better Future

The following is the seventh and final article in a series on bank risk culture. The previous articles can be accessed here or by clicking the HOME tab on the blog.

A total meltdown in any industry requires nothing less than a total rethink of the way forward. However, rather than finding themselves engaged in a total rethink of the how and why they must transform their business, banks have been engaged in responding to more legislation and regulation as well as improving their governance and internal controls.

The problem for banks is that neither governments nor regulators can create a better future with great institutions—only bankers themselves can. Continue reading

Bank Risk Culture: Now For Something Completely Different

The following is the fourth in a series of articles on bank risk culture. The previous articles can be accessed here or by clicking the HOME tab on the blog.

Thus far in this series on bank risk culture we are beginning to understand that there is really no such thing as a separate bank or organisational risk culture and that cultural change cannot be invoked by merely adding more rules and regulations. Continue reading

Clearing The Bull – A Survey on Banking

What do banking employees think of their employers?

Are they proud of their industry? Are bankers suitably positioned to avoid the next financial crisis?

What does the public think? How do their opinions differ and is there a significant perception gap?

As a prelude to the launch of the book Clearing The Bull, the aim of this survey is to gain more insight into some of the topics raised by the book, and in particular the proposition that banks need to pay more attention to human factors, and in particular their own human assets.

Please click on the link below to commence the survey.

Clearing The Bull – A Survey of Banks and the Financial Crisis

When you are finished, please pass it on to as many friends and colleagues as you can.


Jonathan Ledwidge