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Author Challenges Popular Assertions of Financial Crisis

Press Release from iUniverse – Jonathan Ledwidge argues root causes of subprime mortgage crisis have not been addressed

LONDON – In his book Clearing the Bull: The Financial Crisis and Why Banks Need a Human Transformation (published by iUniverse), author and banker Jonathan Ledwidge argues that the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis was, from beginning to end, a human crisis which resulted from a poor system of values. He maintains that as long as that poor system of values remains in place, the world financial system remains at risk.

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Bundesbank Study: Women Make Riskier Bankers

A recent Bundesbank study has found that women make riskier bankers than men, casting doubt on the many calls for more female bank executives. Could this be true?

The Bundesbank conducted a study on women in banking and came up with the conclusion that women make riskier bankers. The study looked at board changes at banks which resulted in a higher proportion of female representation. In analyzing their findings it appeared that the women in the study tended to be significantly younger and less experienced than their male counterparts—and that translated into greater risk taking.

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