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Why Customer Culture Is Far More Important Than Risk Culture

This is a follow up to an earlier series of articles on risk culture in banks the last of which can be accessed here.

The best institutions and organisations are those which define themselves in terms of how they have they can best serve their customers (and the wider community) and not how they intend to manage risks.

This is a lesson that bankers, regulators and governments all need to learn—the future success of the banking industry depends not on more rules and regulations but how well banks transform their customer culture. As we shall see, that has very little to do with how they measure risk. Continue reading

Is Ecclestone Putting The Formula One Brand At Risk?

The decision to go ahead with the Bahrain Grand Prix could have significant adverse consequences for the global Formula One franchise—it is time to rethink both mission and values.

During the lead up to the Chinese Grand Prix, Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone was asked by a reporter if the Bahrain event was going ahead. Ecclestone’s reply was an emphatic yes. However, what he said next was even more interesting.

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