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Author Challenges Popular Assertions of Financial Crisis

Press Release from iUniverse – Jonathan Ledwidge argues root causes of subprime mortgage crisis have not been addressed

LONDON – In his book Clearing the Bull: The Financial Crisis and Why Banks Need a Human Transformation (published by iUniverse), author and banker Jonathan Ledwidge argues that the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis was, from beginning to end, a human crisis which resulted from a poor system of values. He maintains that as long as that poor system of values remains in place, the world financial system remains at risk.

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Clearing The Bull on the Financial Crisis – Part II

This is the second in a three-part series of articles on the financial crisis. Part I can be found at this link.

The Real Reason for the Subprime Crisis and Bank Failures

The subprime crisis was not really about management, risks, controls and regulations—these were all after the fact. The crisis was a direct result of human failings which stemmed from a poor system of values. In order to understand this we have to look at and examine the crisis within the context of the industry’s human ecosystem. The following analysis does precisely that.

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